Magia s.r.l. is an Italian company who produce MARILA brand, we create only one spring /summer clothes collection for woman. Our designers department ,is the real soul of our company; the designers are involve to get new fashion trend, new style, models, prints and colors, all created and identify by the factory.

The collection is marked for womans items like beach cover-up, dress, minidress, beach dress, shirts, kurta, skirts, trousers in different prints and fabrics.
Our fashion department is particularly careful of prints , to match the needed of our custumers , even anticipating the fashion trand.
We use cotton materials like , voile,cambric, rayon, linen, viscose. The prints are all created just for us , following the instruction by our office designer.

The range of prints , colors and materials make the collection charmed and bold, wearing every kind of fashionable womans, even oversize, as young style as elegant.

Years by years our items became more confortable and fashion ,thanks to the wearability that marks all items.
Our suppliers produce clothes following the specific provisions came from the designers, to ensure the exclusive of prints and materials, specificly made for us.


Our strenght is domestic market! Why don' t increase the sales to foreign markets?We are looking for distributors and sales agent in Europe and worldwide.

Our woman collection is low-medium positioned , a great mix of good quality and low price. The creativity and the fitting are italian such as the style, so the collection is particulary easy to sell.

We can offer good mark up to wholesaler/distributors and high commission to the seller.



Via G.Parini 3 47838 RICCIONE (RN) Italy

Tel. +39 0541 383613 - Fax. +39 0541 383678



Sede Operativa: Via Coriano 58

Blocco 93/G - Gross Rimini - 47924 RIMINI (RN)